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At Lacante Henn Inc, we care about quality. The quality of people, their abilities, but also the quality of their humanity, which we are pulling together for a common success.

The most important supporting point for the provision of our services are members of our team. Thanks to their talent, skills and enthusiasm we can do our job perfectly. And that is why we do not say that we do everything but just what our members really can do and know. People are our most valuable asset. Our team consists not only of employees of our law firm but also of independent experts, co-workers and partners who belong to the elite in their field. Building and maintaining a network of experts and appropriate contacts is a key element for us.


Abraham Henn

Director | Attorney
Abraham Henn has been involved in commercial law and civil litigation since 2001 and is the founding member of the law firm Lacante Henn Inc which was established in 2009.

Willem Lacante

Director | Attorney
Willem MJ Lacante has been immersed in the legal sector since 2004 when he earned his LLB degree from the University of Pretoria. He subsequently embarked on a corporate career, gaining extensive expertise in diverse areas, such as Credit Law, Legal Recoveries, Trust Law, and Deceased Estates within the Banking Environment.

Suegnet Albrecht

Director | Attorney
Suegnet Albrecht completed her LLB degree at the University of Johannesburg in 2010, marking the beginning of her remarkable legal journey. Throughout her articles, she gained invaluable experience in Civil litigation and property law.

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